Synth related friends: Mike Gingell


This is a collection of Mike Gingell's writings.
Mike's PhD Thesis

Frontpage, Abstract, Contents, Glossary, Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Synthesis of the Single Phase Network

Chapter 3 - The Lossless Sequence Asymmetric Polyphase Filter

Chapter 4 - Lossy Sequence Asymmetric Polyphase Filters

Chapter 5 - Applications

Chapter 6 - General Conclusions and Suggestions for Further Investigations


Appendix I

Polyphase Modem for Frequency-Division Multiplex
by D. R. Barber and M. J. Gingell

Single Sideband Modulation using Sequence Asymmetric Polyphase Networks
by M. J. Gingell

Sequence Asymmetric Polyphase Networks: Application to FDM
by M. J. Gingell

US 1,174,710 - A Symmetrical Polyphase Network
Patent by Michael John Gingell

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